Since time has passed El Paso sure has grown a lot over the years. Before there were people who couldn't wait to get out of El Paso but now times, things, and feelings have changed. El Paso has grown so much over time since many of us were born up until the present time.

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When some of us were still in high school there wasn't much to do then as there is now. But being limited to things we all have our personal favorites to do in El Paso. Usually, our list of things is of what we enjoy doing and don't get tired of doing.

Whether it be on a daily basis kind of thing or something just to get out and do. I mean, after all, look at just how many El Pasoans were ecstatic about Chico's Tacos being back. Chico's Tacos will always be a thing to do in El Paso that won't ever seem to get old.

It's the legit truth, next time a friend or relative is in town visiting, keep an eye on their social media pages. Because eventually, you will see them enjoying Chico's Tacos in their selfie on your newsfeed. Another hot commodity in El Paso that never gets old is enjoying a scenic view of the city at Scenic Drive or on Transmountain.

Something else that never gets old is offroading either at the Wall or Red Sands. If I had the time, along with lower gas prices I would take my children off-roading as much as I could. A lot of locals hit up outdoor activities when the pandemic hit and continue to explore the Franklin Mountains.

Clearly, some traditional spots in El Paso never get old and always stay hype with locals and even visitors. Choose the option that never gets old and always stays hype for you to visit in El Paso below.

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