Ice Nine Kills visited El Paso back in early November to perform a special acoustic performance of their 'Silver Scream' album hits, 'A Grave Mistake' and 'Savages.' After their performance, some die-hard Ice Nine Kills fans were able to ask Spencer, Dan, and Joe some questions about their interests and weird things.

One of the most informative questions to come from our special Star City Studios performance and Q&A with Ice Nine Kills highlighted a special collaboration with Ice Nine Kills lead singer, Spencer Charnas and TERRORBYTE.

If you do not know who TERRORBYTE


Ice Nine Kills is, feel free to get lost in their music on YouTube.

We are hoping we can get Ice Nine Kills to come back to perform for El Paso in a BIG way. Since their live performances have a huge theatrical production and we know El Pasoan love to rock out to that. Make sure you download the FREE 95.5 KLAQ so you do not miss your chance to get into exclusive performances with bands just passing through El Paso as Ice Nine Kills did. These are the type of experiences you can't buy, we can only gift you for using the FREE 95.5 KLAQ app.

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