Texas has something in common with most states. The alcohol commission is a piece of garbage and corrupt. If you need proof the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission is a horrible agency, just check out THIS STORY.

Basically, the TABC was going after Spec's. There's seems to be something more to this story, because the TABC really went after Spec's. But in the long run, a judge overruled the TABC and their proposed fines that would have been over $700 million.

The one thing that it was found that Spec's may have done wrong?

In the end, the multi-year prosecution and an eight-day March administrative law hearing — similar to a trial — turned up evidence that Spec’s may have paid a $778 invoice from a wine supplier a day or two late in 2011 under the complicated liquor “credit law” spelling out when payments for booze must be made.

The worst part of this for Spec's? While they were under investigation, they weren't allowed to expand and add stores. So while they were stuck, other liquor stores were able to add stores and claim territory.

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