The Simpsons annual Halloween special will air well before Halloween this year and the intro was done by Guillermo Del Toro!

The Simpsons Halloween special is practically a rite of passage for many!!  Every year, they come up with three scary stories to tell and, somehow, at the end the aliens always seem to have something to do with it!  (Or at least they always have something to say about it.)

This year, the intro gets a special touch as it's being done by Guillermo Del Toro!  Tune in Sunday night and watch as Homer wanders around Springfield ryhming and tearing things up.  Then, Bart gets beheaded and winds up attached to Lisa.  (I can't wait to see Lisas reaction to that news!) Finally, we're taken back to the 30's as the Burnsum and Bailey Circus hits town ... and Moe hits on Marge.  D'oh!!

Alfred Hitchcock, (you'll love what he does to Ms. Krabappel), Stephen King and a bunch of classic horror characters, stars and even cars get Simsonized in the intro!  Should be as fun and twisted as usual, so be sure and set your DVRs up to record it.  You can watch it after you get home from rocking with The Pretty Reckless at The Qs Haunted House!!