Well, one of 'em anyway!Sons Of Anarchy has added another rocker to it's list of guest stars!

Henry Rollins spent some time in Charming playing an over zealous white supremecist, and now Dave Navarro of Janes Addiction takes a turn as a latin gang member!  (His music shows up also.  Listen for the Janes Addiction version of Sympathy For The Devil in the season finale! SOA always has great music and seeks out "unknown" performers to do most of it!) 

Navarro plays an ally of another new addition to SOA this season, Nero Padilla!  This is shaping up to be a pretty cool season!! (Though I'm still a little bummed that they killed Opie.)

The show features a well known regular cast joined last season by Danny Trejo! (No one plays a bad ass better than him!) and has also had some other big name guest stars. Nero is played by Jimmy Smits and past seasons have featured Randolph Mantooth, Hal Holbrook, Adam Arkin (he was Henry Rollins' traitorous boss.) and writer Stephen King! This season has already had a famous "high schooler" featured.  Ashley Tisdale played a hooker in the last couple of episodes.  (There went that Disney image.)

The show also features it's creater, Kurt Sutter, in a re-occuring role as an SOA member serving a life sentence in jail. In real life, he's married to another SOA character; Katey Sagal.

Got you interested yet??  Ok, how about their off screen antics...

Actor Mark Boone jr. (who plays Sons Of Anarchy member "Bobby ELvis") was arrested between seasons 2 and 3 for beating up a cop who had stopped him for speeding.  Just a day or two ago, actress/singer Taryn Manning (who played SOA Prospect "Half Sack"s girlfriend in the first couple of seasons) was arrested for assault.

Recently Half - Sack himself ... well actor Johnny Lewis I should say, was killed falling off a roof after a fight. A fight that happened shortly after he beat his 80 - something year old landlord to death.  And her cat.

I've heard of getting "lost in the character" but da-yum! 



Those SOA folks are a scream!  If you're not already a fan get the box sets and get caught up while season 5 is only a few episodes in!

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