This story is so bizarre, it sounds like something straight out of a Hollywood horror movie.  It is straight out of Hollywood, but it's true.  28 year old actor Johnny Lewis died after he fell from a home in Los Angeles,  minutes after authorities say he allegedly beat his 81 year old landlady to death.  Lewis was found lying in a driveway near Hollywood Wednesday, while Catherine Davis was found dead inside the home of apparent blunt force trauma.  Part of the home had been ransacked and Davis' cat was found beaten and dismembered, allegedly by Lewis.  According to police, Lewis had fought with two men, it is not clear if it was before or after the murder of the landlady, and that he died after a fall, possibly from a wall or balcony.  It's been reported that Lewis was high on PCP or meth, and exhibited signs of super human strength during the fight with the two men.

Lewis played Kip "Half-Sack" Epps on the FX show "Sons of Anarchy", and also appeared on other shows including The O.C., Criminal Minds, Bones and CSI.  He also dated Katy Perry in 2006, before she hit it big.

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