Some kids in El Paso got the surprise of a lifetime from a huge pop star!

These kids can certainly walk around with their heads held high, thanks to Katy Perry.

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The Boys & Girls Clubs of El Paso shared some photos and a video message on Facebook from the popstar herself. In case you're unaware the Boys & Girls Clubs of El Paso is a community-based organization that provides a fun environment for kids when they aren't at home or school.

It is a bummer that 90s kids didn't have a place like this around.

Luckily kids now have an opportunity to reach their full potential at the Boys & Girls Clubs of El Paso.

After this video was posted, I believe anyone associated with the club is feeling tons of excitement and motivation. Especially, the kids that are a part of the Boys & Girls Club of El Paso.

Even as a rock n' roll mommy I sure as hell love Katy Perry and what she is all about.

The Boys & Girls Clubs of El Paso shared the special shoutout on their Facebook page yesterday. In the video, Katy Perry is standing beside the Chief Executive Officer of the Boys & Girls Club of El Paso, Anthony Tomasheski.

Katy Perry is certainly right about the club being the best place to socialize with friends after school. Kids in El Paso can definitely benefit from an after-school club like this to help keep them out of trouble.

Plus, the awesome skills El Paso kids can learn while spending their time there is one of the perks. El Paso certainly feels the love from the pop star who kissed a girl and liked it.

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