If this Sonic Temple lineup is any indication, and it almost always is, it's going to be a good year.

The first major festival of the new year has been announced and the lineup is stellar. You may have noticed as the summer festival season closed out it was just a few decent headliners then the quality dropped pretty quickly. With this festival, the second and third billed bands are still pretty awesome and there are some good ones even in the opening slots. Heck, I'd go to this one just to see the comedy ten with the Diceman, Pauly Shore and Henry Rollins.

Festivals are always a good news/bad news things for us. Sometimes it means that bands are "banned" from playing nearby for a while and sometimes bands can and do scheduled road dates leading up to or from the festival.  So, cross your fingers and hope that some of the bands on this bill book Texas, if not Lubbock, dates.

Sonic Temple
Sonic Temple

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