In light of new legislation in New York, the question has come up- should social media need to be searched before a pistol permit is approved?

According to News 10 abc, new legislation submitted to the Senate in New York calls for just that.  However, it gets trickier.  The legislation doesn't just say that social media should be searched, in terms of what's public.  It says that pistol permit applicants would need to give up their social media names and passwords so that government officials could search for anything concerning.

While I do identify that it seems there's certainly an increase in gun crime, I don't really know about this.  I wouldn't want to be giving my names and passwords to anyone for anything.  Especially in this day and age of hacking, isn't that the one thing that we're supposed to protect?  I don't necessarily disagree with a search of what's public on social media. Schools and jobs do that already.  But having to give up your name and password? Seems like that crosses a line to me.


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