Everyone loves to gripe about how bad UTEP football is ... along with any other shortcoming they find ... but, are you aware of these things they kick ass at?

Ok. The UTEP football team leaves a bit to be desired. Let's give credit where credit is due though as there are plenty of things right with UTEP athletics. The men's basketball team has, over the years, seen many winning seasons and the women's basketball team has been doing pretty good lately.

On top of that, many are surprised to hear that UTEP has an awesome hockey team.  Now, here's another sport ... involving something I myself am pretty good at ... where UTEP is winning - shooting.

I don't really get how scoring works but, they did great in their last match. (Click here to see how great.) In a post at utepathletics.com, Head Coach Austin Litherland said:

“The team laid it all out and the scores back it up. The amount of talent this team shows makes me excited to come work with them at the range every day. Now our aim is at NCAA Qualifiers.”

Another NCAA banner hanging at UTEP??  Could be ...

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