The COVID-19 crisis has cost many El Pasoans their jobs and/or deeply impacted their income. Thankfully, one business in El Paso is now hiring.

Albertsons stores in El Paso have broken out the "Help Wanted" signs and are currently looking for people.

This is great news for those in the El Paso area who have recently lost their job or who face huge reductions in their hours. There is no telling how much longer the COVID-19 threat will hang over us and even less of an idea as to how long it will take the economy to rebound once we get past it. At least, for now, here is some good news for those wondering how they will pay the bills throughout this pandemic.

Albertsons is looking for people in many different positions and departments. If you are interested, you can apply online or at any area Albertsons store. Applying online is easy:

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