We all remember the days of standing outside waiting to get into the Three Legged Monkey. There are some that recall their party days there while for others it is a blackout memory. But either way, we knew waiting in the long line would be worth it for a good time.

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I remember the good old times I had with friends at Three Legged Monkey years ago. It was the place you can go to with friends to have some drinks and also play games.

But there were also some haters that didn't approve of Three Legged Monkey because of the aftermath. The neighborhoods surrounding Three Legged Monkey didn't appreciate the mess left behind by the partyers.

It would go as far as people who live in that neighborhood seeing dried-up vomit on their lawn or street. Some of those folks wanted to have Three Legged Monkey shut down for those purposes.

For some, it was a sad day to see the place we would go to for monkey business shut down for good. I started reminiscing about the good memories I had with friends at the Three Legged Monkey.

One of the many popular staff members Dickey Williams luckily still had some photos from those party days. He was kind enough to let me share some of the pictures from his memories with you. As well as Justine Molinar who was also willing to share her good times with friends at Three Legged Monkey. The pictures I have from Three Legged Monkey are on My Space which, unfortunately, is a goner.

I am fortunate I can recall the times I partied at Three Legged Monkey years ago. It was always a blast and I definitely danced my heart out when I heard my jams come on.

Feel free to give yourself a flashback of good times by checking out the pictures provided by Dickey Williams and Justine Molinar. Now I am curious how many locals miss having the Three Legged Monkey around. Feel free to share your feelings by placing your vote in the poll below.

Three Legged Monkey Memories

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