The coolest art show that is interactive is available for you to check out now. This art show is perfect to show the kids because they will certainly have fun with it. Paradox Immersive Art is magnificent and will even excite the adults as much as the kids.

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There are a few brilliant minds behind this Paradox Immersive Art project. One of the artists who is a multidisciplinary artist you may or may not know is Laura Turon. Another artist that will be featured at Paradox Immersive Art is David Delgado. David Delgado aka Kelly Porta is excited for you to interact with his digital art display.

Plus Kelly Porta's digital painting really is unique and jaw-dropping worthy. Also, his interactive projection will get you and the kids busting moves. There will be 4 different immersive art installations that allow you to become part of the art.

Just refer to the video from Paradox Immersive Art's Instagram video below. The Paradox Immersive Art will be available tonight from 8 pm until 11 pm. You can stop by and admire the beauty that some of our borderland artists magically created.

If you would like to take the family or go with friends, be sure to purchase your tickets. Tickets for the Paradox Immersive Art displays are $15 a person to attend. If you've been wanting to take some unique selfies, this is the place to take them.

Now if you're unable to make it tonight, they will have another opening on Thursday, June 24. Paradox Immersive Art is located at 10180 Socorro Road and won't disappoint and will have you visiting again next Thursday. If you would like to purchase your tickets, you can do so by clicking here. Enjoy this artsy experience that is family-friendly and pet-friendly as well.

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