The Socorro Independent School District has now equipped their buses with cameras to take pictures of drivers who do not stop when school bus stop-arm is down.

SISD will begin ticketing motorists who do not abide by the law and stop when school buses have their stop-arm down starting tomorrow.

SISD buses are now equipped with a camera that will take a photo of the vehicle, and then the driver will be issued a $300 citation. The district wants to make streets safer for the students when they coming from and going to school.

Te district first tried out the cameras on 10 buses, and this month all buses in the district have the cameras installed. The city of Socorro is working with the district to help enforce the law and keep the students safe.

Most parents and people in the city of Socorro support the new cameras and ticketing drivers who don't abide by the law. The school district is also looking to reach agreements with both El Paso and Horizon City to ticket and fine violators in those cities as well.

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