Surgery is never an easy thing to go through; it can be stressful, tiring, & scary... especially for a young child. So it's a wonderful thing that social media has really come together to help one brave little girl in El Paso.

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This week there has been a surge of stories about a 4 year old named Mia, who has been diagnosed with kidney disease & is expected to undergo surgery for a kidney transplant later this month on the 15th.

Thankfully a lot of people in the community have really made an effort come together for Mia. One of the first people contacted about Mia's story was Romy Hernandez, the host of "Cafecito With Romy" on the local news page All In El Paso. According to Romy, she was reached out by Mia's mother, Krystal, asking for help, to which she responded "yes!" & created a flyer for an event that her family is putting together for people to show their support on Sunday.

The hashtag #StrongLikeMia has been gaining traction on Facebook & Instagram & the story was even picked up by KTSM 9 News.



The Strong Like Mia Parade will be going on Sunday, September 12th, 3:15pm at the Pets Barn on 13650 Eastlake Blvd in Horizon. Any one who goes is encouraged to wear clothes or decorate their vehicles with Mia's favorite colors, purple & pink. Romy also went on to say that the family will be giving out cookies & goodies as a thank you to any parade goers who show their support for Mia; as long as people in the community can come together to show Mia all the love & support she deserves before her surgery, that's what the family is asking for.

When I was talking to Romy about Sunday's parade, she ended our conversation saying that she was extremely honored & grateful that Mia's mother entrusted her to share her story; that it was a privilege for her to share it with everyone. I would like to say that it's also my privilege to further share this story for everyone to be Mia.

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