"What the Buzz" is back with a brand new episode! The new episode, titled "Snow Bunnies & Liquid Death", is available wherever you get your podcasts and also conveniently available on KLAQ.com's "Listen Live" player.

On this episode, find out why we're calling this one our "technology" episode. Spoiler alert- chances are if you're listening on Spotify we're categorized under "technology"- but find out why we can't and don't want to change it. We also briefly visit my Myspace page- which still exists!

We also discuss some futuristic technology from movies and TV shows that we wish we had available to us today. We had that discussion on the Morning Show earlier this week and had some great calls from listeners- that discussion is available on the "Buzz Adams Morning Show" podcast which you can also find where you get your podcasts and also available on the "Listen Live" player of KLAQ.com; that episode is titled "We Want a TARDIS".

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On this episode, we also mark one year of officially living in the pandemic. Spoiler alert, Disneyland still has my money. So much has changed throughout these last twelve months not just all over the world, but also in our office; especially now that Texas has officially opened to 100%.

Check out our new episode, "Snow Bunnies & Liquid Death", (which is a reference to some of our favorite beverages, looking at you Eskimo Hut & Liquid Death water) available now wherever you get your podcasts and also conveniently available on KLAQ.com's "Listen Live" player. We'll be back in two weeks!

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