The "Stay At Home" order has been lifted so, as you venture back outside, keep this in mind.

The rattlesnakes aren't confined to their homes anymore either so, please keep these helpful tips in mind.

  • If you see a rattler, back away slowly and quietly. DON'T run off in a panic. (Where there's one, there's probably another).
  • Keep pets on a leash and right next to you.
  • Keep kids on a leash and right next to you.
  • Avoid thick brush, high grass, etc.
  • Don't blindly step over rocks, bushes, etc.
  • Never stick hands or feet into areas unless you can clearly see what else ... snakes or spiders & scorpions already in there.
  • Wear high boots and long pants.
  • Use caution in cool, dark places. (Caves, shady areas, crawlspaces, etc...)
  • Avoid snake friendly areas between dusk and mid-morning.

If you are bitten ...


  • Stay calm and try to keep your heart rate down.
  • Clean the bite area.
  • Clean the wound itself and cover it.
  • Remove rings, jewelery, tight clothing, etc
  • Immobilize the bite area and, if possible, put a splint on it.
  • Keep the bite area/splint below heart level.


  • ... cut the wound or try sucking the venom out of the wound.
  • ... use a tourniquet or ice on the wound.
  • ... drink alcohol or caffeine.
  • ... run or overexert yourself.

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