A new license plate coming to New Mexico will help to raise money to fight wildfires in the land of enchantment.

House Bill 251, signed by New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham earlier this year, officially gave the green light to the the new Smokey Bear license plate program.

Smokey Bear has been the mascot for fire prevention for 80 years as of August 9th. The actual bear, (named after the Smokey character), was found in the aftermath of a forest fire, burned and clinging to a tree, in 1950.

It happened in Lincoln county, not far from the area that was recently, again, on fire. Smokey's burns were treated and he was sent to the National Zoo in Washington, D.C. where he received so much fan mail, he was given his own zip code.

He died there in 1976 and was buried in an area near the spot where he was first found in Capitan, New Mexico.

Drivers who choose to get the plate will have to pay $50 on initial purchase, then $40 a year. Most of the money will go to the New Mexico Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Department for fire prevention efforts. - KVIA 

Recent wildfires in and around Ruidoso have served as a terrible reminder of how quickly wildfires can start and grow out of control; destroying land, property and habitats. Many animals, and sometimes humans, are killed during these firestorms.

It appears the fires were started intentionally and the FBI is offering a $10K reward for info that helps them track down whoever did it. If you would like to donate to help victims of the Ruidoso fires, click here.

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