Every state has towns that are very small and cities that are very big, including New Mexico. I tend to think that small means around maybe 100 people living in a town, but in New Mexico's case it's less than half of that.

The smallest village in the state is only home to 22 people according to World Population Review. Now that is what I'd call a REALLY small town.

What do we know about New Mexico's smallest village?

The village is named Greenville and is located in Union County, NM -- Found in the Northeastern part of the state.

The village was incorporated in 1920 and had a peak population of 231 in 1930, according to the New Mexico Political Journal. While it is a small village, being incorporated means that it must still have a mayor and council.

It is possible that the town was established around a railroad siding and water tower. During the Dust Bowl and Great Depression is when many people may have left the village.

The village's county -- Union County -- is also one of the smallest in New Mexico. As of 2022, the county population was 3,980; making it the fourth smallest county in the state.

How does New Mexico's smallest places compare to its largest?

I'm sure it's easy to guess the largest city in New Mexico -- Albuquerque.

As of 2022 data, the city had a population of 561,008. With a little math, you'll find that the population of Greenville could fit into Albuquerque over 25,000 times. That's crazy!

While it is a small village, it seems like there are some interesting things to do around the town -- like visiting Clayton Lake State Park and Dinosaur Trackways or going to the Capulin Volcano National Monument.

Honestly, I sometimes think living in a super low-population area could be nice -- you're sure to find peace and an escape from bustling city life. However, I'd probably get bored pretty quickly too... But small village living isn't for everyone!

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