We recently discovered that Slipknot's Shawn "Clown" Crahan was going to be launching his own cannabis line, and the cat's finally out of the bag — Clown Cannabis is officially up and running as of today (May 17).

Clown teamed up with Hollister Cannabis Co. and Heavy Grass for his HashBone line. See all of the details about Clown Cannabis, including a photo of the packs, below.

As noted in the press release, Clown has been a large advocate of marijuana, especially for its medicinal effects and its ability to enhance one's creative processes. "Remember, it's just medicine," the Slipknot co-founder assured.

"We are very excited to belaunching our HashBone collaboration with Clown. We couldn't ask for a better partner and someone who is true to the plant. This partnership is our first step in combining hard rock/metal with cannabis in a truly authentic way," enthused Carl Saling, the co-founder, CEO and director of Hollister Biosciences.

In addition to the launch of Clown Cannabis, Heavy Grass have announced a special "Green Ticket Experience" — the winner will be given a ticket that allows access to unlimited Slipknot shows for two people anywhere in the world for the next three years. It also includes a meet-and-greet with Clown himself, and a Cannabis Clown merch bundle. Enter the contest here.

Clown Cannabis
Clown Cannabis

What is Clown Cannabis?

Clown's all-new Clown Cannabis line features an exclusive HashBone pack — which are hash-infused pre-rolls. The packs include six half-gram pre-rolls that come with a set of matches, all inside a soft, black case that is designed with original artwork.

What are the HashBone rolls made of?

The Clown Cannabis HashBone pre-rolls are made of a mixture of 75 percent indica flower and 25 percent Paradise Citrus bubble hash. The rolls were lab tested to confirm a potency level of over 40 percent THC.

How can I buy Clown Cannabis products?

The Clown Cannabis HashBone packs are available on ClownCannabis.com and on DreamyDelivery.com.

Is Clown Cannabis available in my state?

Clown Cannabis is currently available in California. According to the California Cannabis Portal, marijuana has been legal for recreational use in the state of California since 2016.

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