A Reddit user recently shared some footage she captured of two different weather views in just one take. Reddit user Kitty9020 was the one who shared her footage of the crazy weather in El Paso. You can assume the woman was at Scenic Drive filming the difference in weather that separate parts of town were experiencing.

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People in El Paso only love the rain when it doesn't mess with our plans like a baseball outing at Southwest University Park. But those like me with no plans enjoyed every single moment during that thunderstorm. Well, before the weather got bad Kitty9020 showed the difference between the Northeast and towards Downtown and Ciudad Juarez.

When she is pointing her camera towards the Northeast it is sunny with some scattered clouds and a clear blue sky. But as she swerves her camera aiming right you see this ginormous cloud of dirt that looks like fog. Just watching how it looks and the way it is moving closer it seemed like a scene from the movie, The Fog.

But we all know how our El Paso weather can be from time to time. After seeing the weather difference between two separate parts of town the comments got me laughing. Clearly, I wasn't the only person comparing our weather to a horror movie.

Even Incognito--bandito mentioned how El Paso's weather on Friday was like The Mummy. Despite how bi-polar our weather can be in El Paso we still love it. But Rsoczac definitely defined El Paso weather humorously saying El Paso weather is like a box of chocolates. So true Rsoczac, so true.

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