So today I'm going through the mail and, among the 1,000s of Glenn Garza fan letters and all the pictures women send me of themselves naked, I find ....... A card from Slash!!   Ok, ok .... the letter from Slash is all the mail I got today.  (As for the other stuff; that sounds more like Slashs' mail!  A dj can hope though right?)

Seriously though; he sent a card that reads;

Thank you for making "You're A Lie" number 1.  Your support is appreciated more than you know.  Thanks again! I'll definitely see you soon.



How cool ... classy even ... is that??  (Wow. Back in the drug and alcohol addled "glory" days of GnR; who would have ever thought the word "classy" would be directed at Slash??)

Anyway, that was very cool of him and I thought I'd share it with you guys.  It's really all of us fans that make or break stars so he's really thanking you guys!!

Here rocking in the Borderland and all over the world at!!