Slash may be most well-known for his insane guitar work and his time with Guns N’ Roses but the axe-man recently tried his hand at another trade, producing the horror movie ‘Nothing Left to Fear.’ Now out on Video On Demand, DVD and Blu-Ray, ‘Nothing Left to Fear’ tells the story of a pastor and his family taking over a church in Kansas with things taking a turn to the dark side.

Slash, who has always been a fan of the horror genre called the whole creative process an uphill battle. In a recent interview with Metro, the guitarist talked about it in detail. “The whole thing is a challenge because you want to make it as good as possible,” said Slash. “It’s tricky but fascinating and a lot of fun. I love creating things and seeing them through.”

Throughout the interview, Slash also talked about a few other topics including his most lucrative song, the worst gig he’s ever been a part of and misconceptions people have of him. His most lucrative song? You guessed it – ‘Sweet Child O’Mine.’ He says of the tune, “There are some really good instrumental versions for the piano or violin but I’ve been horrified by some muzak versions. I’ve been sitting in a doctor’s office thinking ‘that sounds familiar’ and then realizing it’s someone’s interpretation of what I’ve written – that can be a creepy feeling.”

His worst gig also dates back to his time in Guns N’ Roses at Cowboys Stadium in Dallas in 1989. “It was horrific,” Slash explained. “Everything that could go wrong went wrong and the band didn’t have enough experience to handle it properly. It was a huge disaster in front of 65,000 people. We fell apart on stage. It’s stuck with me ever since.”

When it comes to misconceptions Slash thinks that some people had an image of him as “a crazy loser junkie.” “People were a little intimidated by that,” he shared. “It was a narrow-minded idea of who I was but at the same time I gave that impression during interviews.”

In addition to his foray into the horror genre, Slash is currently working on his next album alongside Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators. Produced by Michael ‘Elvis’ Baskette, the new material doesn’t have a release date yet, but should surface sometime this year.

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