Parachuting brings with it certain risks but, who figures on their plane ramming into another one?  That's what happened though as 11 skydivers, making their last jump of the day, almost made their last jump ever!

parachutists survive plane crash
Photo by Philipp Guelland/Getty Images

As they exited the plane for a planned formation jump, their Cessna struck another Cessna from above shearing off a wing and causing a fireball.  I have to admit, if I'm ever going to be in a plane that gets hit by another plane tens of thousands of feet in the air, I'm guessing that's where I want to be.  Already out of the plane and wearing a parachute!

One of the jumpers, skydiving instructor Mike Robinson summed it all up as if it was nothing:

All of us knew we had a crash. … The wing over our head was gone, so we just left.

Sure.  Nothing to it!!  The pilot of the wingless plane was able to jump using his own emergency parachute.  The second pilot was able to land safely despite heavy damage to the plane and its propeller.  (That landing is at the end of the video!)

Watch as 11 people come closer to death than they ever thought possible ... and survive!

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