Spring break is upon us! Unfortunately for many, the growing threat of coronavirus is altering many people's spring break plans. While many are still heading out to enjoy warmer weather, some think it's a better idea to stay put and self quarantine.

If quarantining yourself is in your spring break plans this year, then, might I suggest a movie/show binge? That actually sounds pretty great to me. If you're like me and prefer your movies to be of the horror genre, then check out my recommended list of spring break horror movies to watch during your spring break! Some are cheesy, some are iconic, but if horror movies have taught us anything it's that maybe you're better off just staying indoors.

The Evil Dead

The movie that introduced us to Bruce Campbell. Ash and his friends head out to the woods for a break from college life only to unleash a whole host of demons and spirits that kind of ruins their plans. It's considered a classic for good reason, and, is a great movie to kick off your spring break!

The Cabin in the Woods

In what feels like a great homage to The Evil Dead, this movie is more than what you may think. While it doesn't flat out point out that these college students are heading out for spring break, let's pretend they are. It's a great movie with twists and turns.

Cabin Fever

This was remade a while back, but the original always gets me. It has that guy from "Boy Meets World" as one of five friends who, once again, head up to the woods for a relaxing spring break. The trip is anything but relaxing as they all become victims of an unknown virus.

Jeepers Creepers 

Let's get out of the woods now and get a creature feature in. Two siblings are traveling home for spring break when a psycho driver passes them. Curiosity gets the better of them when they notice something unusual and they somehow become victims to a curse that comes every 23 years and lasts 23 days.

Piranha 3D 

This is where my list goes a little cheesy. This is actualy the better of the Piranha movies, because yes, I've seen them all. This one has a pretty cool cast that includes Elisabeth Shue, Adam Scott and Christopher Lloyd. A lake in Arizona prepares for thousands of students to fill it up for spring break when an earthquake causes some unexpected guests- you guessed it, piranha's.

The House of the Dead 

This one is super bad. It's so bad, that it's good. I love this movie. It revolves around a group of friends heading to an island for a rave only to unleash and have to fight zombies. It has small throwbacks to the video game (which I love!) and some cheesy fight scenes. I love it.

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