I bought about 30 reusable, washable neck gaiters. Then, the day after they arrived from Amazon, I read that they were the LEAST effective masks. I’m paraphrasing but I think the story mentioned that my masks of choice were, “worse than not wearing a mask at all”. So, I’m not recommending any of the following items. Here are some of the Covid-19 related products you can buy online right now.



COST: $12.99

REVIEW: Does not prevent transmission of germs. CAN be used for your Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy cosplay.



COST: 4 for $13.98

REVIEW: This fancy model comes with a stylus…for the tech savvy anal-retentive germaphobe.


COST: $14.95 for a 5 Pack

REVIEW: Small, unobtrusive and in no way impedes using the chair. Perfect for your next indoor Trump rally.



COST: $19.99

REVIEW: Winner of the coveted “Thing you will use once then forget about until you find it in 15 years and realize what an idiot you were” Award.



COST: $5.00

REVIEW: Perfect for ruined birthdays, weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs and going-out-of-business.


COST: Free!

REVIEW: Use this fake thermometer to prank your customers! Tell them you have to take their temp before they’re allowed to enter. This app will make them THINK they’re running a fever of 104! A good laugh will be shared by all.

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