I was just talking to my girlfriend about how when I was a kid, I ate a lot of vegetables. At birthday parties I would actually make my way back to the vegetable tray while everyone else was eating cake. And I used to eat so many carrots as a kid (thanks to Bugs Bunny), the tip of my nose turned orange.

Well, apparently I'm the odd one when it comes to eating vegetables. Researchers at Stanford recently conducted a test involving the students and vegetables And not really surprisingly, they noticed an increase in students eating vegetables based on how they were labeled.

First and foremost, the food was exactly the same. Nothing changed in regards to what they were serving except the name. They noticed simple names like "corn" and "green beans" didn't get a lot of students to eat the vegetables. Then they tried healthy sounding names like "vitamin-rich corn" and "reduced-sodium corn", but didn't notice much of a difference.

So what got the students to eat the vegetables? Names like  "rich, buttery, roasted sweet corn" saw a 25% increase in the amount students were taking. So if you want your kid to ear their vegetables, make them sound like it's drenched in butter, wrapped in bacon and deep fried.

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