Lots of folks around here have pets and finding veterinarians in the El Paso area to treat them is pretty easy. What if you have a unusual pet though?

El Pasoans who have sick dogs or cats can simply pick a vet, take 'em in and get them treated. What if you have a horse though? Or, what about lizards and birds? Your vet choices start dropping pretty quickly as the animals get more "unique". There is a place you can go though and, if the animal happens to be mega - huge, they'll come to you.

Mesa Veterinary Clinic said they have hired a new doctor who can care for unusual animals such as "birds, reptiles and pocket pets." So now, either they or their Paws 'N Hooves Mobile Veterinary Service, should be able to handle whatever animal(s) you have!

Of course, El Paso still has plenty of other vet options for all the other pets -- so pick the one that's right for you.

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