A Georgia High School is trying it and I TOTALLY believe that we here in Texas should too.

They call it an "Adulting Class" in Georgia but, I like "Life Skills" better. (It sounds more important ... like, something you could get a degree in.)  Basically, it's taking one class and using it to teach things like "how to change a tire" or "washing machine 101".

There is nothing wrong with keeping the emphasis on academics but, surely there's a point somewhere that could be used to teach kids the basics of life. Balancing a checkbook, cooking, basic repair work, etc. Kids today make up the most well educated and smartest generation in history but, no one is teaching them simple things that can become very important. Imagine your kid blowing a tire and being injured or killed in an accident because they were never taught to check their tire pressure.

Not every kid has a parent or family member to teach them these simple, almost silly little things but, they're very important. I say a class like this should be offered in all schools. (They should bring back "shop" class too, by the way.)

What do you think?

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