Everyone has a particular preference for where they rather take defensive driving. Some rather just get it over with and take it online in the comfort of their own home. While others sign up for a class at one of the defensive driving schools. But there was one place I enjoyed my defensive driving lesson that others can also agree with. I remember many years ago when I had my first defensive driving lesson as a high school student. I begged my dad to let me take the online course but as part of my punishment, he made me physically attend a class. Lucky for me, the group I sat with had taken that course before and mentioned the instructor makes the class interesting. Sure enough, my group was right about that class, and the instructor then. In fact, I was content about how I spent a part of my Saturday as a teenager then.

When I had to take my very first defensive driving class I definitely wasn't thrilled. I was especially dreading the length of the class time that I had to spend there. Little did I know then that what I thought was a punishment would turn out to be a reward in the end. Never in my wildest dreams would I imagine I could enjoy spending part of my Saturday at Hometown Buffet. I haven't taken a defensive driving lesson in a long time and not sure if it has changed since then.

I remember it was between 2002 to 2003 when I had to take defensive driving for a ticket I got. I was scheduled to take it at Golden Corral Buffet the one that existed in the Northeast. Defensive driving consisted of watching a VHS on television while the comedic instructor commented hilarious truths. I even remember occasional snack breaks followed by our breakfast and lunch meals. That was my first and last defensive driving class I had so much fun at. Not sure how it is now since the pandemic started and haven't taken that class since my first time. Leave your opinion if you've ever taken a defensive driving lesson at Golden Corral in the poll below.

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