A "KISS-less" KISS could be coming. Even scarier (or, weirder, I guess) is that Slipknot may follow suit.

Gene Simmons once said "the concept of original members isn't widely held by fans." Now, KISS co-founder Paul Stanley adds:

The people who said it had to be all the original members to be KISS are already 50% wrong. Do I cast a big shadow? Sure. But am I crazy enough to think I'm the only person who can do this? That would be ridiculous." "Do you go to a Yankees ballgame and hold up a sign 'Where's Babe Ruth?' The team continues because the ideal is met. The standard is met."

Interesting point. It's all about the show, right? Slipknot percussionist Clown said:

"Don't be surprised one day, you know, nobody in the band will be in the band." "It'll all just be new people. I'll be 80 and there will be a whole Slipknot thing moving. I mean, we've got two new guys now, man. You never know - my son might take over."

What do you think? Should the fact that costumes and makeup can conceal identities be an excuse to swap out members in the name of "The Show Must Go On" ideologies?



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