Welcome to summer in the Borderland folks and the triple digit temperatures that come with it.

Despite the heat, there are plenty of ways to cool off and have some fun. Here are my 5 favorite "cool" things to do:

  • 1) Wet N Wild have several pools, rides and shade trees to cool you off. Plus, you can bring in food and beer and stuff to make a day of it.
  • 2) Head for Ruidoso, Cloudcroft  and/or Silver City. Temps there can be as much as 20 degrees cooler and there's lots to see and do.
  • 3) Theaters are nice and frosty, this summers new releases are really good and some theaters, like Alamo Drafthouse, offer restaurant caliber food and bar service!
  • 4) Shooting. There are several ranges in El Paso but Sportsman's Elite has a climate controlled indoor range.
  • 5) Sit in front of the AC at home and have an ice cold beer or two. (Not real fancy or exciting but, trust me, it works.)

Whatever you do, remember to use sun screen and drink plenty of water!