A police officer in Duncanville, Texas is being hailed as a hero after he found a baby in a hot car, and broke into the vehicle to save the crying child. According to a press release from the Duncanville Police Department, officers received a call on Friday about an unaccompanied infant locked in a parked SUV. The caller said the child seemed to be asleep in the back of the vehicle. Officer Pinilla was the responded officer and when he arrived on the scene, the officer was able to confirm that the child was alone in the vehicle. Officer Pinilla also noticed that the infant appeared to be crying and sweating inside the vehicle. When he examined the baby further, he saw that the young child was covered in vomit too. The officer requested for paramedics and proceeded to break the SUV's window to rescue the child.

Once Officer Pinilla got the child out of the vehicle he took the baby into his air-conditioned patrol vehicle to try and cool the child until help arrived. Officers were able to track down the child's mother who drove the vehicle to the location. After speaking with the mother and grandmother who was also in the vehicle, police believe that the child was left in the vehicle due to "faulty communication." The incident was turned over to Child Protective Services so the department can determine if civil or criminal charges would be filed against the mother. While the Duncanville Police Department says this story didn't end tragically, they did warn parents out there to get into the habit of checking the backseat of their vehicles before locking their doors. Learn more about the Duncanville Police Department at the department's Facebook page.


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