Is the crew of The Buzz Adams Morning Show a bunch of psychics, who predicted news about Ft. Bliss? Based on a news report by KVIA ABC channel 7 News, they just might be.

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Last week Buzz Adams and the Morning Show crew were talking about Fort Bliss.

I brought up the story of performing comedy on base at an Irish pub called Shamrocks, and how easy it was to drive into base 9 years ago.

Not anymore

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We heard some complaints from an Uber driver about giving people a ride onto Fort Bliss. He said that the system in place for allowing people like him into a military base is so tedious and time-consuming that he's gotten bad reviews from riders/ passengers. Now he's given up Ft. Bliss fares altogether.

Then we heard from Hector who actually works at the office responsible for assigning passes that allow you on to the Fort Bliss base. He said that they do everything they can to make it as easy and as fast for the drivers as possible. But that sometimes the drivers can be rude and impatient.

Fort Bliss Cassidy Gate No Longer Allows Access To Everyone
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The drama didn't end there. Because then the next day we heard back from the Uber driver who initially complained and said he knew exactly who Hector was.

All in all the conversation just reminded everybody how limited Fort Bliss has become to the general public. This is especially disappointing considering that there's essentially a mall called Freedom Crossing that has a lot of very cool things to do. They even have a movie theater!

Well, I think the Buzz Adams Morning Show might have been a little psychic because as of this week we found out that Fort Bliss is doing just what we said and making access to the base much easier for the general public.

The car according to our news partners at KVIA ABC channel 7 News as of April 4th people unaffiliated with the base or military can apply for a 12-month recreational pass.

"Passes may be obtained at the Cassidy Gate, Monday- Friday from 5. a.m to 9 p.m., and at the Buffalo Soldier Gate, Monday-Sunday which is open 24 hours a day."

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