Thursday morning a very funny comic named Steve Trevino will be joining us.  Here are some of the things I know about Sexy Mexy from knowing him for the past 12 years.

1.) He's from Corpus Christi

2.) He was part of Mencia's crew back when Carlos would have 4 comics travel with him but they'd hardly ever get any stage time.

3.) He was a really good high school football player.

4.) He's got the worst looking golf swing, ever. Worse than Barkley.

5.) As funny as his stand up is, nothing beats his stories about his life, told over beers and shots at 1 am in some cruddy bar.  Ask him to tell you sometime about his many escapades that involved the Dallas Police Department.

We haven't had Steve on for a few years but he'll be in the studio with us tomorrow and you can see him all this week thru Sunday at the El Paso Comic Strip which is here.


Enjoy some Sexy Mexy stand-up and tune in Thursday morning for more on the KLAQ Morning Show.