If you were ever a fan of Sesame Street AND Bone Thugs N Harmony, this beautiful creation will definitely take you back! If the littlest things entertain you, then this will blow your mind.

The genius behind this project did quite a job on this sweet collaboration. In an interview he mentioned that the song was the toughest but a favorite that had to be accomplished. He picked the perfect clips for the right verse for the song. The well known song "The Crossroads" features Grover as Bizzy Bone, Elmo as Layzie Bone, Cookie Monster as Krazy Bone (the shoe fits) finally Wish Bone being sung by Telly. The best character to watch lip sync is Cookie Monster because of how well it goes with his insane cookie scenes. These furry characters help make the song seem a little more interesting with their moves and expressions.

Take yourself back by watching your former favorite childhood characters singing along to a song from your youthful days!

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