A lot of people are unhappy about the new arenas proposed location. There are certainly other options, here's one.

The new arena planned for Downtown El Paso would take out a huge section of historic buildings and neighborhoods which families have lived in for decades. A lot of people are upset about this and, while they're for the arena, they want it built where it won't wipe out such significant areas.

One way or another, it's going up though and Chris Babcock at El Paso Herald Post wrote a great piece about 1) not blindly trusting outsiders to design our city and 2) proposing a new location that seems less damaging from both historical and emotional perspectives.

Instead of here, between San Antonio and Paisano.

Photo, Google Maps Via El Paso Herald Post

Chris suggests putting it here:

"framed by Cotton Street on the west, by Paisano on the southside and Alameda plus I-10 a couple blocks removed to the north.

Photo, Google via El Paso Herald Post

According to Chris, "the location is prime for redevelopment and revitalization.  Access is not an issue, and neither is space." What do you think?