Today is National Dog Day and to celebrate, we're showing you the four-legged family members of the Buzz Adams Morning Show.

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Since 2004, National Dog Day has been celebrated in the United States as a holiday to honor all dogs- mixed breed and purebred. The holiday was created by an animal rescuer and trainer Colleen Paige, who created other animals days including National Puppy Day, National Mutt Day, National Wildlife Day, and more.

Colleen chose August 26th as National Dog Day because it was the date she adopted her first dog Sheltie when she was just ten years old. Since then, Colleen has dedicated her life to advocating for animal rights and helping educate people on the proper care of pets. To find out more about National Dog Day, please visit the National Dog Day website.

To celebrate National Dog Day, we decided to let you guys get to know the four-legged loves in our lives- the dogs of the Buzz Adams Morning Show.


This is Coco, Joanna's dog. Yes, she's known for all her cats but there is a dog in that house too. Living around all those cats has changed him though and he apparently thinks he's a cat. It's understandable.

Joanna Barba

Jerry and Sparky

Buzz has these two handsome fellas living at his house, terrorizing cats and squirrels alike in the Upper Valley. If you see them strolling down the road, feel free to call the morning show and we'll send him to go get them and put them back in the backyard.



The newest addition is little Miss Lucy. She was named after Lucille Ball, but we now think it's actually Lucifer. She's a demon who terrorizes her mother but is so darn cute we love her anyway.


R.I.P. Tubby

Tubby was the star of the show, and everyone loved watching him on the webcams to see where Tubby was going to sleep that day in the studio. He was Lisa's first rescue pug and it was a gateway to tons of pugs in her life. He's missed but will always be remembered for his smile and good attitude.

Bobby Gallagher Photography

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