Do most El Pasoans have messy cars or not?

I may have had friends in the past that would make fun of me for having a messy car. But I know it can't just be me, right? As a point of pride, I have to know whether I'm the dirtiest car owner in EP, or not. So now, I'm on the search for the messiest car in all of El Paso (and surrounding counties.)

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Somebody famous, somewhere, said, " messiness is a sign of genius." I'd like to agree. Ever since I've been able to drive, I never really kept my car perfectly spick and span. However, my car was never a dumpster fire. Then I started comedy. Performing on the road, and living off of fast food, I started to use my empty passenger seat and back seat as a trash can.

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I know, I know. This makes me a literal "trash person," and nobody knows that more than me.

Although every time I would pick up an out-of-town comedian and take them to the radio I would say, "I'm so sorry, please excuse the state of my car," to which they would reply, every time, "no worries, typical comedian car."

So I guess I'm a stereotype. But, I also know that I'm not the only person who lives in the city, comedian or not, whose car is as messy as the typical El Pasoans love life.

So please, help me out. Do you, or a friend you know, have a messy car? Are you willing to share a picture? Then send your pic and contact information to:

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