What is this world coming to?

Residents on the Scottish Isle of Canna were stunned by news of the biggest crime in the last 50 years. Not that it was an especially horrific, or even flawlessly executed crime, it was the only crime they've had in 50 years. The ONLY one.

The last time a crime was committed on the isle, all the perp got away with was a wooden plate. These crooks went big, taking cash, beauty products and a few wooly hats. OMG! Things are getting real on the isle.

According to AOL.com, a spokesperson for the shop said:

"Sadly, this means we will have to lock the door of the shop overnight now. We left it open specifically to welcome fisherman in to use the Wi-Fi and buy anything they needed while resting in at our pier overnight."

Locking doors?  What next, a dog? These poor people, all 20-something of them, are going to need years of therapy.

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