Earlier this morning I noticed some El Pasoans were getting some fresh air outside at Scenic Park. El Pasoans are under a 'Stay Home, Work Safe' order which only allows certain activities to happen around the city. Of course, that means no parties, but people are allowed to enjoy time out in the fresh air. Just make sure you follow the advice from officials who are trying to keep El Pasoans safe with their advice.

This morning on my usual drive to work, I saw groups of people walking Scenic Drive. Usually, there is a police officer right at the gate but instead, there was a man in a charcoal grey Silverado parked blocking traffic. Now some El Pasoans weren't even practicing social distancing. Hell, one lady even looked at ME like I was the crazy person for driving on Scenic Drive. Looking further out I could see groups of people doing their usual workout routine close together. Even when I was entering Scenic Drive there were quite a few groups of people leaving. I called the non-emergency number to see if I was in the wrong for entering Scenic Drive. Then, sure enough, they told me they were sending out a unit because no one should be there. If you must be outdoors DON'T exercise where there are groups of people passing you by. Not sure why there was a difference but please remember to be safe while out at parks. The City of El Paso is hoping El Pasoans have common sense when going out and about in the city, so please don't spread anything but happiness while out of your house.


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