The man who created Borat, Bruno and the Israeli character that gets the real-life Dick Cheney to sign his “water boarding kit”…has done it again. This time, Sasha Baron Cohen successfully infiltrated a right-wing rally of anti-mask protesters. Cohen posed as the singer in a country-western band…complete with fake beard, overalls and cowboy hat. He sang what was according to an event organizer, “ an incredibly racist song”. Wait until you find out why the organizer wasn’t able to pull the plug on the band or get Cohen off-stage!

Well, this one organizer might have found the song to be incredibly racist but several people in the crowd thought it was O.K. to sing along with. This is basically, the Borat “Throw the Jew Down the Well” but in an outdoor setting.

Some others who were called out in the song include “Hillary Clinton”, “Mask Wearers” and “Chinese People”.

So, why DIDN’T one of the organizers cut the sound or pull the plug on this “incredibly racist song”?

Well…that’s an interesting story.

Sasha Baron Cohen had PREVIOUSLY posed as the head of a Political Action Committee. He offered to lend financial support on the a couple of conditions: 1.) He would get to add a musical act of his own choosing and, 2.) he would provide all the security personnel for the event. In other words, when they realized they’d been had and tried to cut the performance short, the event organizers found that the security guards…WORKED FOR SASHA BARON COHEN!

It is speculated that this was done for the upcoming season 2 of “Who is America?” on Showtime.

I smell an Emmy!

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