Santa Claus sure is making his rounds all over El Paso to visit with as many children as he can. You're used to seeing Santa Claus indoors but this time around he wants to soak in some vitamin D. You're used to seeing the man in the red suit at the malls but he is spreading out his time to different places. He is making time to visit libraries throughout El Paso. You can see his visitation schedule for the libraries he will be visiting starting today.

The cool thing about Santa Claus paying a visit to Mission Hills Park is you can bring your furry kiddos along. Keep an eye out if you're in the area of Stanton and Okeefe Drive when you're in the area. You will notice red signs posted up around the park and neighborhood mentioning Santa's appearance. Santa Claus will be at Mission Hills Park tomorrow, December 14 from 2 to 4 pm. This would be a great way to get your furry babies to take a picture with Santa.

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