I get Christmas e-cards, birthday e-cards, etc from bands and record labels all the time.  A Halloween e-card though?  That's different.

Our friends at Victory records have a neat idea here.  (They've also apparently got a lot of free time over there as well.......) Great way to show off some of their bands huh??

Santa Claus, zombies ... the first one kinda looks like me! ... innocent victims, random weirdness and METAL!!  (and an F-Bomb, watch your volume!)

All done gangnam style of course.  (I swear, this is the ONLY time the words "gangnam style" will ever appear in one of my posts. Zombies honor!)

Enjoy and have a "Heavy" Halloween everyone!

PS: Don't forget, tonight is your last night to check out our weirdness in the KLAQ Haunted Mansion of Death in 3D!