This elementary school has decided to do away with "Boy" and "Girl" bathrooms on campus. Instead, students have simply "bathrooms."

Miraloma Elementary School is located in San Francisco, Calif., and is trying to accommodate some of their students who don't fall into the gender norms. The school's principal Sam Bass said there are eight students who do not fit into the traditional male and female genders -- ranging from tomboys to students that are transgender.

At the beginning of this school year, the elementary school began removing signs from the bathrooms. The bathrooms in the kindergarten and first grade classrooms are now gender neutral, with the centralized bathrooms also being changed. The process will continue over the next few years until all the bathrooms at the school have been changed to become gender neutral. When asked about how the parents feel about this change, the principal said that they have been supportive.

The district's director of safety and wellness, Kevin Gogan, stated that 1% of the children in the district identify as transgender. That number means about 300 students in the district would benefit from new bathroom changes. He also said the new bathroom changes would accommodate and protect them. You can read more about this story at the FSGate.