In case you didn't know, abandoning animals is against state and local laws and is a class A misdemeanor. Well, a video where a San Antonio woman was caught dropping off four dogs and leaving them went viral and actually caused the woman to turn herself in to authorities. The person recording the video, which you can see here, informs the woman dumping the four dogs that she could surrender them to the Animal Care Services for free. The woman, who seemed like she was interested in knowing more about ACS instead continued to lure the dogs out of the car and then drove off leaving the dogs behind.

Animal Care Services were able to find three of the four dogs and just as they were about to set up a trap to find the fourth dog, the woman who initially dumped the dogs found the fourth one and turned it in and surrendered herself to authorities. ACS spokesperson Lisa Norwood said the woman could face charges for each of the dogs she's accused of abandoning. While the video did show that the woman was a passenger in the car, she is the only one charged and not the driver.

Animal Care Services say that two of the dogs have already been adopted and two are up for adoption and in need of fostering. So, while the viral video made you angry and or sad, ACS totally commends the person recording for reporting it to authorities. Those interested in fostering can contact ACS via email at and those interested in adopting can call 210-207-6666 or email The dogs' animal ID numbers can be found on ACS' Facebook page

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