You have never seen superpowers like these!

Voguing is a dance crazy that has been around for years and with the help of Madonna and MTV's America's Best Dance Crew, it has gained more attention in mainstream media. You are probably thinking what the hell am I talking about and I don't blame you.

This year's Streetstar Festival in Sweden had a voguing competition and two powerful characters faced off in the final round. Sailor Moon and Wonder Woman met on the dance floor to see who had the better moves and better genital coverage. Female superheroes really need to rethink their costumes because fighting crime must be impossible if dancing in them is a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen.

Watch these two lethal ladies dance battle for glory. Yes, Wonder Woman is a man but he is going by a female in this battle and it's happening in Sweden so calm down. I bet tons of women, including myself, wouldn't be able to move like Wonder Woman. Work it!