After watching this disturbing video, you will make sure to stay protected at all times! Many of you think it feels better without protection, but is your health more important than minutes of a great feeling? Apparently, this guy is saying he purposely infected his victims and decided to release "names" that could and couldn't be real.

This guy thought it was a genius idea to hide his identity and release his victims names who may be infected with AIDS. The way he decided to inform his victims was by making a YouTube video unleashing the names of the ladies. His reasoning behind all of this was to "teach" women a hard lesson. He says many ladies were fooled by the glam and glitter assuming his physical condition was the same. Could this be real or fake? Either way, this should teach everyone to always play it safe no matter who it is.

With that said, be sure to ALWAYS keep a condom on hand and wrap it up!