The beautiful thing about the internet is that you get news at an alarming pace! You're always up to date on the latest trends and news. The downfall of internet though, is you're always susceptible to FAKE NEWS! Enter this picture making the rounds:

Yeah, it sounds great! Imagine going in and ordering a number one with jalapenos and bacon and a Whatabeer. But don't get your hopes up high yet, it's not real. Womp Womp. A spokesperson for Shiner said in a statement:

"We're not sure where the graphic originated and although we have love for Whataburger it is not a real collaboration."

The folks over at Whataburger don't have any idea how it all started either. The dark corners of Reddit always have a way of getting our hopes up only to be ruined by reality and our precious Whataburger is not the exception to this. Let us all grieve this in a proper manner, with a number one with cheese, jalapeno and bacon and a salted caramel shake.

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