Waitresses have to deal with plenty of annoying things during their job, including rude customers. This one woman is the hero every waitress should strive to be.

As the waitress hands the bill to a couple of men, she interacts with them for a few seconds then pushes the guy away as he attempts to shove money down her shirt. From there the guy gets angry and then grabs her butt. Big mistake buddy.

The waitress doesn't let the guy get away with it as she takes the handful of menus she is holding and smacks the guy in the face. You can tell from the video that these aren't cheaply made menus, these are thick, hard and perfect for destroying a guy's ego.

The first hit does some damaged to the guy but doesn't stop him from continuing his rampage towards the waitress but she finishes him with a second strong hit. He finally falls to the ground and stays there as his friend and some other restaurant staff go to help him up. Someone give this girl a raise.